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What are my options when unwanted domains show up in my Analytics statistics?

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By Sean Needham

The purpose of this article is to explain the options available when unwanted domains are reported on within your Analytics statistics.

When a site is added to your Siteimprove Analytics subscription, we will automatically track all subdomains on that domain containing the Siteimprove Analytics Script.

For example, if you have a website called, then the standard configuration in Siteimprove Analytics is that anything that has in the URL will be logged to this site unless a site with the specific subdomain has been added to your subscription.

So for example, if Site 1 and Site 2 below are configured for analytics on your Siteimprove account, then any logs we get for Site 3 will be associated with Site 1 by default.

  • Site 1:
  • Site 2:
  • Site 3:,

If this is not the desired configuration, the following options are available with the help of the Siteimprove Technical Support team:

  1. We can record visits to pages/domains as being external to your website. This means they will not be included as page views, but rather as clicks on outbound links. This is a good solution in cases where you don't want subdomains to be registered as page views for your main site.
  2. We can delete the pages/domains statistics completely from page views and clicks on outbound links. This is a good solution in the case where the Siteimprove Analytics script is on a staging/development site, which should not be tracked as part of your main site.

If you need help with any actions listed above, feel free to contact Siteimprove Technical Support with your request.

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