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NEW HTTP status filter in Broken Links in QA - 27.Feb, 2018

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Just one item on the release menu this week, but one we're sure a lot of users will find useful:

  • HTTP status code filters in Broken Links in QA: filter broken links by the HTTP status code that you want to prioritize fixing first.


HTTP status code filters in Broken Links in QA


If you often find yourself facing a long list of broken links, there's a chance that some of them are not actually broken links, but pages which aren't or temporarily weren't accessible for various reasons. We know it can be frustrating to click on a "broken link" only to find out that it's working fine. That's why we implemented the new HTTP status code filter to let you focus on the broken links which would definitely result in a poor user experience for your visitors, such as pages with a 404 status code. Read more about HTTP status codes and what they mean.

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