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Siteimprove SEO Competitor Analysis

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By Sean Needham

Siteimprove SEO Competitor Analysis is a feature of the Siteimprove SEO Pro and Enterprise packages.  It allows you to analyze your online presence against key search competitors. It also shows the competitive landscape for your Monitored Keywords.

The competitor analysis for an Activity plan provides:

  • Visitor traffic comparison between your site and your search competitors for monitored keywords
  • Estimated traffic for the monitored keywords
  • Your search engine visibility vs. your competitors' search engine visibility
  • Monitored keywords ranking compared with competitors
  • Rank Trend and Ranking Page for competitors
  • Options to sort competitor data, e.g. Winners (rising in rank), Losers (falling in rank) and Threats (rising fast in rank)

You can visualize the performance of your monitored keywords over time and use the Discover Competitors feature to find new competitors, relevant to your business, based on the keyword you are monitoring.

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