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What is Keyword Monitoring?

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Working with keywords is one of the most crucial aspects of SEO.

Organizations want to offer the most relevant content when specific terms (keywords) have been used in a search engine. Keyword Monitoring, available to SEO Advanced users, helps you improve your organization's visibility on search engines for these important keywords.

Keyword Monitoring is a component of an SEO Activity Plan that allows you to get important metrics in relation to your chosen keywords.

Keyword monitoring shows how well your site and landing pages rank for the keywords, how the position of your site changes over time for monitored keywords, and an SEO Score for pages targeting those keywords. You are also given an indication of how much search engine competition there is for each keyword.

If you have a Siteimprove Analytics subscription, you can see analytics data for ranking and target pages.

You can use the Keyword Discovery, Keyword Finder or Google Search Console within SEO Insights to find inspiration on which keywords to monitor.


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