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SEO Content and Target Page Optimization

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Content and target page optimization allows you to optimize your content based on the keywords added to an Activity plan.

Content Optimization

The Content Optimization overview gives:

  • Automatic recommendations for optimizing and fixing the issues.
  • Overall progress: optimization progress so far.
  • Statistics on keywords and target pages.
  • Content issue and review summary.
  • Ranking pages for the monitored keywords.
  • Links to SEO page report for target pages.

From Content Optimization, you can link to Target Page Optimization for each target page.

Target Page Optimization

Target Page Optimization provides valuable and insightful information, such as:

  • Keyword usage and recommendations, e.g., use the keyword in the meta title.
  • Keyword issues, e.g., meta description does not contain the keyword.
  • Content issues, e.g. duplicate meta titles.
  • Meta content details and headers map.
  • Competing content, i.e. occurrences and location of content competing on the same keyword elsewhere on your website.

To find out more about the features of SEO Advanced, see: "What is an SEO Activity Plan?" and "What is Keyword Monitoring?".

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