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Siteimprove Dashboards

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By Sean Needham

The Siteimprove Intelligence Platform (SIP) now provides system and customizable dashboards.

Dashboards allow you to easily monitor data that is most important to you.

The following pre-configured system dashboards are available to use:

  • DCI Score Dashboard: DCI™ Scores across modules (e.g. QA, Accessibility, SEO).
  • Management Dashboard: A top-level view of the state of your websites.
  • Editor Dashboard (QA): Metrics of interest to website editors.

It's also possible for Administrators to create Siteimprove dashboards from components throughout SIP that can be added as dashboard widgets.

Check out the interactive tutorial "How to create your own dashboard".

To create a custom dashboard, select "New dashboard" from the dashboard drop-down menu or the button on the dashboard page.


A dashboard can be configured as 'Shared' (everyone can see it) or 'Only me' (only the user creating it can see it).

Once created, you can add widgets to your dashboard.

Note: Only components with the export option “Add widget to dashboard” can be exported as a dashboard widget.

See the article "What widgets can I have on my dashboard?" for a list of dashboard ready widgets.

Navigate to the component you’d like to add (e.g. a table, graph, etc.), then select “Export”, and “Add widget to dashboard” as shown in the image below.


Widgets can be moved around the dashboard by dragging the title bar. To edit or remove a widget, use the edit options in the top right corner.

Dashboards can be shared across sites and accounts. Account or site-specific dashboard widgets may need to be reconfigured when re-using a dashboard template on another site or account.

See also "Why is my dashboard widget not showing any data?"

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