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Tips when requesting help from technical support

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Siteimprove Technical Support aims to deliver excellent support so it’s great when all the relevant information is provided within the support request.

Here's a list of the information that is useful in order for Technical Support to assist you quickly:

  • Name of the product/feature - Let us know which product you are having trouble with, and at what point it is failing.
  • Detailed description of issue - Please provide us with a detailed description of what you need help with. If something isn’t functioning as intended, then let us know the details, and tell us how you’d expect the feature to behave.
  • Screenshot - Please include a screenshot of the issue. Usually, the entire screen will be helpful for support to trace your steps.
  • Platform URL - It would also be very useful if you include the URL of where the issue occurs in the platform.
  • Browser name - In most cases, it’s useful if you let us know which browser you are using.  
  • Name of user - Let us know which user was logged into the platform at the time.
  • Website - Please include the URL of the website on which you noticed the issue.

We're looking forward to helping you out next time you submit a request.

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