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NEW: Customizable dashboards and Universal Search (GDPR) - April 5, 2018

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In this week's release:

  • Customizable dashboards: Create your own customized dashboards to suit your  workflow.
  • Universal Search (GDPR): A new platform-wide search function that lets you search in pages, files, documents, and meta data.


Customizable dashboards


If you've been following our releases over the last year, you'll know that we're big on offering customizable options so that the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform can work better for you.

In that vein, we're introducing the flexibility of customizable dashboards. You're no longer just limited to DCI® Scores—now you can pull in components from all the different modules in the Siteimprove platform to create an individualized dashboard.


Monitor the information that matters most—all in one place

Screenshot_of_Accessibility_components_that_can_be_added_as_widgetsMix and match data tables from QA or progress charts from Accessibility with an SEO Score breakdown to get an overall view of how your site is performing in different areas. Or combine tables of broken links in PDFs and on your homepage with a dial showing the total number of broken links for those days when you want to get them fixed once and for all. Make your dashboard as generalized or as specific as your work demands. (Note: only admins can build dashboards, but dashboards which are set to "shared" can be viewed by all users.)

A large number of components from the platform can be added to customizable dashboards as widgets, and we'll be making more available in future releases.


Lock your dashboard data to always show exactly what you want to see


There's no limit to how many dashboards you can create for your different workflows, but you don't have to create one every time you want your dashboard to display data for a different site. It's easy to switch between different sites or groups on the same dashboard. Alternatively, you can "lock" a particular widget within a dashboard so that it always shows data for a specific site or group, and even apply filters to Analytics widgets (because we know how annoying it is to configure all your settings only to have to do it all over the next time you log in).

Share your dashboard with teammates

Share Dashboard

So you've assembled a dashboard that pulls in all the information you need to monitor the vital analytics on your social media campaign, and your colleagues upstairs want to know how they can do the same. Easy—just send them a link to your dashboard configuration, and they can import it as a blank template which will be populated with their data.


Universal Search (Data Privacy)


Universal search is a new search functionality within the Data Privacy module which allows you to search content across all sites on your account, including in HTML pages, documents (including PDF, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, images, and more), and metadata. This is particularly useful if you hold personal data on someone who has invoked their "right to be forgotten" or has requested that their data be changed under the rules of GDPR. A quick search will show you where their information appears and where to start prioritizing your data privacy efforts.

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