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Siteimprove Academy: How to manage your team and generate reports

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By Sean Needham

Assigning courses to your team

Navigate to your “Team” page, by selecting Teams from your administrator dashboard. Select the Team you wish to assign to a course and select the “Courses” option. From here, simply click on the “Assign Courses” button and choose the courses to assign to the Team (Please be aware that you may need to be assigned to the course yourself if you wish to assign to others).


Assigning a course to a whole team in this way is very efficient because any new users added to the team later will automatically be assigned the courses that are assigned to the team.

Generating Siteimprove Academy reports

If you want to get a quick overview of how active your Team is in the Academy or see who may yet need to complete a certain course, our new “Reports” section can provide that overview.

From the Admin dashboard, select “Reports” in the top navigation bar, next to the “Teams” option.

Once there, you can select from a number of “Quick reports” templates. For example, if you need to see how many users have completed “General Digital Accessibility Basics”, you can select “Courses” from the Quick reports section, and then select that course in the list that appears.

A button is presented above the Course list, which will let you select or deselect what data points you might like to include in your report, such as “Completed Date” if you wish to see when your users completed the given course.


By using the “Download/Schedule this report” button, you can also schedule a custom Academy report to be sent to your email at certain times, to provide you with regular updates on your Team’s activity.

Add new Siteimprove Academy teams

From the “Teams” section, select the “Add a new team under this team” button, in order to create a new team. If you have several departments of your organization using the Academy, you can give each department their own team and admins to lead the groups.

Once the new team is created, you can start placing users into it.


Promote other Siteimprove Academy users to admins

If you wish to share Siteimprove Academy Administrator rights with other users in your organization, go to the People tab and select the user you wish to promote to an Admin. Simply edit their profile and change their Access Level to “Team Leader/Team Admin.”

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