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NEW: Siteimprove 360 Integrations - CMS plugin upgrade, Tableau Connector & Browser extension

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Siteimprove 360° Integrations enable you to feed valuable Siteimprove data into the various platforms that you use on a daily basis – from your CMS, to third-party dashboard/report platforms, to the browser where you view your site.

You can get up to speed on the whole Siteimprove 360 concept (showing extensions, CMS Plugins, connectors and API) on the new 360 Overview page


  • CMS Plugin Update: New filtering options and a dedicated CMS Plugin page on the website.
  • Tableau Connector: New Siteimprove connector, allowing for Siteimprove data to be integrated into the Tableau dashboard.
  • Browser Extension: Check your webpages' DCI® Score within the browser.


CMS Plugin Update

The full range of checks that we provide in the platform for SEO can now be viewed in the CMS plugin. These issues are displayed under the 4 issue types—Technical issues, Content issues, UX issues & Mobile issues.

As part of the ongoing dialogue with our users we have also implemented a more granular settings menu, so you can choose the issues that are most relevant.

For more information see the CMS Plugins page on the Siteimprove website. This page not only explains how the CMS plugin works, it is also an excellent reference point for all the CMS integrations we currently have available, with download links and installation instructions.


CMS plugin

Tableau Connector

Every organization works in its own way, with its own set of tools. Based on feedback from our customers, we are developing Connectors to integrate Siteimprove with the business applications our customers use every day.

Tableau is a provider of powerful dashboard solutions, where users can pull in data from a variety of sources to report and analyze data in one place. The Siteimprove/Tableau connector will now make it easy for our users to incorporate their Siteimprove data into their Tableau dashboards and reports.

The Siteimprove website also has a dedicated space for Connectors, where you can find information on downloading the Tableau Connector.

CMS plugin upgrade, Tableau Connector Browser extension

Browser Extension

The Siteimprove browser extension makes it easy to optimize your website's content quality, SEO, and digital accessibility on the go. Instantly see performance scores of individual web pages, so you can dive right in and start improving your DCI® Scores.

The extension is available for Firefox and Chrome.


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