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NEW: SEO Advanced, upgraded SEO Page Report - April 18, 2018

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Today we're unveiling a new way of working that makes it easy to structure your SEO efforts:

  • SEO Advanced: two new SEO subscription tiers with a host of new features to help you hone your SEO strategy. Monitor important keywords, track competitor rankings, optimize content, get Google insights, and more.
  • SEO Page Report: A more accessible Page Report with a new look, new checks, and highlighting in the HTML.


SEO Advanced

Everyone knows that SEO is an absolute must for your website, but with all its complexities and required industry knowledge, it's hard to know where or how to start. When we launched the new SEO module last year, our goal was to make transparent the issues that affect your SEO, and provide a prioritized list of recommendations for fixing them. The new SEO Advanced tiers take this one step further by helping you take a proactive approach to bringing in organic traffic. Read more about some of the new features of SEO Advanced below.

Activity Plans to help customize your SEO strategy


Monitor important keywords, get recommendations for optimizing content, and more in a customized Activity Plan.

Different websites, departments, and product lines require different SEO strategies. Traditionally, you might pay a consultant or an agency to strategize for you, but Activity Plans make it easy to create your own individualized SEO game plans for different focus areas. Activity Plans reduce uncertainty, save time and prevent errors on manual tasks like keyword mapping, enabling team members to take ownership of different focus areas.

Some of the cool features of Activity Plans:

  • Keyword monitoring: Monitor keywords relevant to your plan's focus and get the hard data (estimated traffic, rankings, search volume, and more) on how well your pages are performing in the search engine results.
  • Content optimization: Get actionable recommendations on how to optimize your pages to improve their chances of ranking higher. And to help you ensure the right pages are ranking for the right keywords, it flags when you're using keywords in the wrong places.
  • Competitor analysis: Track your competitors' rankings and see exactly which of their pages compete with yours so you can stay one step ahead. We even trawl the web to find new competitors you didn't know you had before.
  • Focus issues: Hand-pick SEO issues to work on that are most relevant to your Activity Plan so you can see results faster.

Discover key(word) drivers of organic traffic

Discover key(word) drivers of organic traffic

Find out what keyword searches your website is ranking on. You might be surprised!

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a thousand keywords paint the big picture of what your site looks like to search engines. Get that with Keyword Discovery, which shows you the top 1000 keywords* for which your site ranks in the top 100 positions in search engines.

Keyword Discovery can be a springboard for shaping your keyword strategy:

  • Gives you an instant overview of content themes that bring visitors to your site
  • Shows you whether the types of keywords you're ranking on are relevant to your objectives
  • Sparks ideas for more keywords to optimize content for


Look up a keyword you're interested in and get suggestions for related keywords to target.

If you need more inspiration for new keywords to target, Keyword Suggestions generates keywords that are related to what you're interested in. Especially if your market is already saturated with competitors ranking on the same keywords, this is a great way to try and capture new visitor segments.

Kill duplicate content


Duplicate content hurts SEO. Not only does it confuse search engines if you have two pages with identical content, but you don't provide value to visitors. The problem is that it can be difficult to determine what is duplicate content without manually reviewing all the pages on your website. The new Duplicate Content feature makes it easy for you by automatically identifying pages with duplicate content so you can eliminate it or re-direct visitors.

Read more about the  features of SEO Advanced.

Integrate with Siteimprove Analytics and Google Search Console


If you have an Analytics subscription, you can integrate it into SEO Advanced to get targeted insights about the way organic search visitors interact with your pages, to see whether your SEO is driving conversion rates. You can also integrate with Google Search Console to get data straight from the source.

New and Improved SEO Page Report


The new SEO Page Report now highlights all 66 checks in the SEO module, something a lot of users have been asking for since we updated it last year. Plus, when you get SEO Advanced, it shows you exactly where you've implemented keywords incorrectly in the meta data. We've made it easy to locate issues, learn about them, and then fix them:


  • Locate: See issues in situ on the page or in the code with the new HTML code view. Often SEO issues are found in the code (e.g. missing alt texts, duplicate meta descriptions), so this new feature makes it easy to pinpoint the exact location of problems.


  • Learn: As you work through issues on the Page Report, learn about why they cause problems for SEO.


  • Fix: Once you've identified the problem and learned how to fix it, you can implement the fix with the convenient CMS deeplinking function that takes you directly to the corresponding page in your CMS. Read more about CMS deeplinking.


  • SEO keyword mapping for SEO Advanced: after you've specified the keywords you want to use on a page, the Page Report will highlight missing or incorrectly implemented keywords on a page.

And of course, the new SEO Page Report has been jazzed up with the same updated styling and functionalities as the QA and Accessibility Page Reports:

  • Improved accessibility: the Page Report is fully navigable by keyboard.
  • More prominently placed buttons so you can share the Page Report with others, check out analytics for that page, or go to the Page Inspector.
  • Toggle JavaScript and CSS on/off.

Read more about the improvements and functionalities that have been added to all the Page Reports.

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