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Data Privacy User Action Log

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The Siteimprove Data Privacy User Action Log documents actions taken by users within the Data Privacy module.

One of the pillars of Data Privacy is accountability. By logging all actions taken within the Data Privacy module, along with details about when they were taken, the User Actions Log helps you demonstrate the measures you're taking to achieve compliance with regulations such as GDPR.

The actions log includes actions taken in the following features:

  • Personal Data
  • Domains and IP Addresses
  • Tracked Search Terms
  • Data Privacy Settings / Personal Identification Numbers (e.g. email alert recipients, country-specific number format, sites connected with email alerts)

The log chronologically shows the category, action details, data the action was applied to, and the date of the action.

The User Action Log is found under Data Privacy > User Action Log.


The Data Privacy User Action Log is a feature of the Siteimprove Data Privacy module. Find out more in the article "How the Siteimprove Data Privacy module can help you meet GDPR compliance".

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