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What Siteimprove reports would be of interest to my manager?

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By Sean Needham

We know that reporting on progress with Siteimprove is important, and it can often be difficult to choose which reports to pass on to upper-level management. We provide numerous reports that are easy to access allowing you to get a comprehensive view of your progress.

Useful resources:

You can see the reporting options for components throughout the platform, by clicking on the “Export” button in the top right corner. Options available can depend on the component and include Download Excel file, Export to PDF or HTML, Add widget to dashboard and Add to report template.


Here are some examples of reports that may be useful to you and your manager.

Dashboard Reports

These are simple PDF/HTML report you can create using the export option on the top right of any dashboard. It shows how well your site is doing across different modules e.g. QA, Accessibility, SEO. You can choose one of the pre-configured dashboards or a customized dashboard that meets your needs. 

The pre-configured dashboards include:

  • DCI Score Dashboard: DCI™ Scores across modules (e.g. QA, Accessibility, SEO).
  • Management Dashboard: A top-level view of the state of your websites.
  • Editor Dashboard (QA): Metrics of interest to website editors.

Customizable dashboards allow you to include the widgets you want to the dashboard and report. Find out more in the article "Customizable dashboards".


Quality Assurance reports

QA Progress Report
A useful site progress report can be found by going to Quality Assurance > QA Overview and scrolling to the bottom of the page.


QA All Sites Report
Similarly, the ‘My Sites report’ for Quality Assurance showing details on pages scanned, QA Score and issues over time can be found at Quality Assurance > Summary > My Sites.


Accessibility Reports

Accessibility Progress Graph
The Accessibility Progress Graph can be found by going to Accessibility > Accessibility Overview and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Here you can sort the graph by either issues or occurrences.


Accessibility All Sites Report
An ‘All Sites report’ for Accessibility showing details on pages scanned and level A/AA/AAA issues over time can be found at Accessibility > Summary > My Sites.


SEO Progress report
The SEO Progress Graph can be found by going to SEO > SEO Overview and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Here you can see your overall SEO Score and how your score in the different SEO categories changes over time.


Policy reports

Overall Policy Report
An overall policy component can be found at Policy > Policies. That can be exported and added to a Report.


Policy Progress
You can also include the progress for a specific policy within a report. To view go to Policy > Policies > Select the policy to see the progress graph. Here you can view your progress in reducing instances of issue highlighted by the policy.


 For further information, check out the reports section of this Help Center.

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