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Tracked Search Terms and User Actions Log

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Get ready, GDPR is going into full force this week. With that in mind, we're beefing up our Data Privacy module with a few new features:

  • Tracked Search Terms: Monitor terms, names, emails, or other personal data to see when they crop up on your site so you can take action to remove or modify them.
  • User Actions Log: Maintain complete oversight over actions being taken in the Data Privacy module which might affect data privacy.

And for those of you who missed it, we launched a new Cookies tracker in the Data Privacy module not too long ago that can help you take stock of which cookies are essential and which ones could be a liability.



Tracked Search Terms


One of the articles under GDPR that you can expect your web users to invoke is the so-called "right to be forgotten". All EU citizens have the right to request that their data is erased or modified to protect their privacy. But how do you keep track of all those requests? The new Tracked Search Terms feature within the Data Privacy module scans your site for all occurrences of a particular term (this can be a name, email address, or any other search term you look for in Universal Search). This effectively creates a tasklist for you to take action on, whether that's removing a term from your site entirely, or marking it as an "ignored" term because its presence doesn't violate any data privacy regulations.


Once you've removed all occurrences of a term from a page, the list automatically updates after every crawl. This lets you see your progress and how many more pages you have left to remove it from.

For complete transparency, whenever you remove or ignore a term, it's logged in an Actions Audit so it's easy to review whether an action was appropriately carried out.

Start tracking sensitive data now by searching for a term in Universal Search. Read more about how Tracked Search Terms and Universal Search works in the Help Center.


User Actions Log



One of the pillars of GDPR is accountability. By logging all actions taken within the Data Privacy module, along with details about who took them and when they were taken, the User Actions Log helps you demonstrate the measures you're taking to achieve compliance with GDPR.

Read about the User Actions Log in the Help Center.




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