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What widget types are available for a customized dashboard?

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By Sean Needham

Customized dashboards can be created from components throughout the Siteimprove Information Platform (SIP). You can either add widgets from the library or export component to the dashboard from within SIP.

This functionality is available to all users with rights to create custom dashboards (by default this is set to Administrators and Account Owners).

Find out more in the article "Siteimprove Dashboards" and the interactive tutorial 'How to create your own dashboard.

When adding a widget from the library, you can filter the list by module and widget type.

The modules options include Quality Assurance, Accessibility, SEO, Policy, Analytics, Response, GDPR, as well as widgets that are specific to DCI.

The widgets types available are described in the following table:

Widget Type Description Example

Progress gauge

DCI, Accessibility, QA & SEO Score gauge.


Status ring

Ring displaying the status of a specific module.


Bar Chart

Graph with rectangular bars.




Breakdown of data into subcategories e.g. a breakdown of the DCI score.


Bubble Chart

A scatterplot showing the relationship between two variables on the X- and Y-axes and differently-sized bubbles to represent a third dimension of data.


Bullet Chart

Variation of a bar graph; used to show how much progress has been made towards a particular goal, or how well something is performing against a benchmark.


Pie chart

Circular pie chart or subdivided pie chart.





A diagram showing the relation between variables, e.g. events over time.



Info bar with selected statistics.



Location map, e.g. showing the location of visitors.



Shows relationships between variables in a data set using a grid.



Table of data in rows and columns.


Table (First Rows)

Table displaying only the first few rows.



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