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Siteimprove’s Azure DevOps connector

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Microsoft Azure DevOps is a platform that provides issue tracking and project management functions for software projects.

Note: Our Azure DevOps integration only supports the cloud-hosted version.

For customers using Azure DevOps, we provide the ability to connect your Siteimprove account to your Azure DevOps organization. This allows you to report issues found by Siteimprove directly into the issue tracking tool.

Note: Admins/Account Owners can manage the Azure DevOps settings from the Integration’s menu within the Siteimprove platform.

The default user role in the Siteimprove platform can create/manage Azure DevOps work items once an Azure DevOps organization connection has been created by an Admin/Account owner.

This article describes: 

How to add an Azure DevOps organization

  1. To link Siteimprove to Azure DevOps, go to Integrations > Task Management > Connections from the main menu.
  2. Under the Azure DevOps organizations tab select "Connect to Azure DevOps" (or "Add new organization" for an additional organization).


  1. Enter the name for your Azure DevOps organization.
  2. Enter the Azure DevOps personal access token. (See the Azure DevOps article explaining how to create a personal access token)
  3. Select whether this organization can be used by other users to create Azure work items ("Shared") or just you ("Only me").

  4. Click the "Connect" button.


Once you have added an Azure DevOps organization an Admin/Account Owners needs to import work item templates from Azure DevOps into Siteimprove. This includes selecting the fields and values you want to show in Siteimprove when creating a work item.

Importing a work item template

Admins/Account Owners can import work item templates and select the fields and values to be shown in Siteimprove when creating a work item. After a template is added Admins/Account Owners can edit templates within the organization details.

  1. From the Active Azure DevOps organization, list select “Add work item template” from the options to the right of an individual organization.
  2. Select the details of the template including the Project and Work item template. The work item templates available are based on the projects associated with an Azure DevOps organization.Add_work_item_template_modal
  3. When adding the work item template, you are presented with a configuration table including:
    • Azure DevOps field name
    • Value type: Dynamic fields can be changed but Fixed can not
    • Corresponding value in Siteimprove
    • Action buttons: You can hide the field so it is not visible using the action or Edit the value type
  4. You also can drag fields to arrange the order they appear when creating a work item. Some template fields may not be shown because they are not compatible with Siteimprove.
  5. When you have made your changes, click the "Add Template" button.

Note: For information on mapping fields during the configuring your template see "Mapping and configuring fields in a task template".


Once you have added a new Azure DevOps organization and configured the fields you can start creating work items from the platform. For further information on this see the article "How to create Azure DevOps work items from within the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform".

Note: Siteimprove is happy to help with questions regarding configuring the integration. Siteimprove does not provide support or product help for the third-party software with which you are connecting.

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