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Siteimprove Adobe Analytics integration guide

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Note: You need to be an Account Owner or Account Administrator to enable the Adobe Analytics integration. If you do not see the 'Priority Data Providers' option at Settings > Content > Priority data provider, then please make a request with our technical support team. Once integrated it can take up to 24 hours before you can see page views data from Adobe Analytics within the Siteimprove platform.

The Siteimprove integration to Adobe Analytics (AA) allows AA users to have Priority data on page views within the Siteimprove Platform.

If you currently have Siteimprove Analytics (SA) running on your websites then you can already take advantage of Priority data without this integration. This integration mostly benefits customers who do not have the SA script running on their website. Learn more in the Siteimprove Priority FAQ.

Priority data shows Page views over the last 30 days throughout the content modules (e.g. SEO, QA, Accessibility) and within the CMS Plugin.

This will supplement the data gathered by Siteimprove and give insights into how issues across your website can be prioritized and addressed.

This Siteimprove Adobe Analytics integration guide explains how to connect Adobe Analytics to Siteimprove.

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