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How Siteimprove works with Google Search Console

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Connecting Google Search Console to Siteimprove SEO Advanced offers you deeper insight into how your website performs in Google.

With this knowledge you can:

  • See what keywords lead to a click or an impression
  • Carry out detailed keyword research
  • Get the most from high-value keywords by adding them to your Activity Plan

Where does this data come from?

The data comes from your property (e.g. your website URL) that is configured in Google Search Console.

After you authenticate Siteimprove to integrate with your Google Search Console property, Google delivers data to Siteimprove via the Search Console API from the Search Console Performance Report.

We then present this data at SEO > Research > Google Search Console in SEO Advanced.

Why do I see different numbers in the Google Search Console interface?

The main reason is that, by default, Google shows data for the first 1000 rows, sorted by clicks and any filtering applied to the chart and table.

Siteimprove integration with Google Search Console fetches all rows of data available via API.

Even within the Google Search Console user interface, you might spot differences between the numbers in the chart and numbers in the table.

Learn more about data differences in Search Console.

How do I use Google Search Console integration with Siteimprove SEO platform?

Google Search Console integration is available on SEO Advanced subscriptions to help you discover, track, and optimize for keywords. You can take advantage of the Google Search Console data by creating an Activity plan or assigning keywords to Target pages.

Learn more about how to connect to Google Search Console

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