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Backlinks in SEO Advanced

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August 8, 2018

If you've got a subscription to SEO Advanced, we've added something to give your SEO strategy an extra boost:

  • Backlinks in SEO Advanced: One of the most important factors driving organic traffic is the make-up of links that link to your website. Learn what your link profile's strengths are and where you should be pruning Low-value backlinks.


Backlinks (SEO)

Backlinks are one of the most valuable SEO assets you can have. When trustworthy, high-quality sites link back to yours (hence the name "backlinks"), it's seen by search engines as a vote of confidence. Over time, this boosts your rankings. SEO Advanced Backlinks shows you what your link profile looks like, so you can check whether your backlinks strategy is sound.

Separate the good, the bad and the ugly



If you're getting a lot of backlinks with low Trust Scores, you'll want to check out why and where they're coming from to avoid damaging your SEO.

But how do you keep track of the hundreds or even thousands of backlinks to your site? And more importantly, how do you distinguish the rank-boosting backlinks from the damaging or low-value ones?

Knowing what's what is essential to the task of priming and polishing your link profile. SEO Backlinks sorts out your backlinks by how trustworthy the domains are which they originate from. This makes it easy for you to spot any spammy or suspicious backlinks that might be damaging your website's credibility by association. Conversely, know where your good backlinks are coming from, so you can always ensure they're pointing to a valid page on your site, or even identify opportunities for other pages they can link to. Got a backlink from the New York Times or LinkedIn? You'll want to hang on to those. But in case you lose a valuable backlink, Link Reclamation has got you covered.

Go get those good backlinks (again)


You never know what you've got till you've lost it.

It takes a lot of work to build up a good link profile, so you don't want to let go of your high-value backlinks without a fight. Whether that's contacting the owner of a domain to ask them to change a broken link to your site or sending them more relevant content to link to, it starts with knowing which high-value links you've lost. Link Reclamation tells you precisely which ones, as well as what valuable backlinks have been newly detected. Stay ahead of the game by ensuring that new backlinks are secure, before they have the chance to disappear.

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