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Jira Connector for SEO, Policy Matches and specific pages with Accessibility Issues

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September 5, 2018

We've expanded the capabilities of the Jira Connector so you can use it in more places in the platform:

  • Create Jira issues for SEO issues: Manage and track the progress of SEO issues by creating Jira issues directly in the SEO module.
  • Create Jira issues at a more granular level in Policy and Accessibility: Create Jira issues for Policy matches on specific pages and for all detected occurrences of an Accessibility issue at the page-level.


Create Jira issues for SEO issues

Screenshot of button to create Jira issues in SEO.

Fixing SEO issues can be a daunting task when there are thousands of occurrences of an issue to be addressed. With the Jira Connector, you can create Jira issues to assign team members to specific SEO issues and keep track of progress.


Create Jira issues for Policy Matches and specific pages with Accessibility issues


Create separate Jira issues for individual pages that violate a Policy you've set up.

When we released the Jira Connector in early August, you could only create Jira issues for entire Policies and Accessibility issues. This is useful for logging entire issues that need to be fixed and committing them to a project in Jira, but you couldn't break them up to divvy up the workload. Now you can create Jira issues for pages with matches to specific policies, meaning you can assign individual pages, or groups of individual pages, to different team members to take care of. 


It takes a team to tackle make your website accessible. Get everyone on your team in on the effort by assigning Jira issues for individual pages with Accessibility issues.

Likewise, in Accessibility, you can now create Jira issues for individual pages that are affected by Accessibility issues. So when you've got an issue that affects a lot of pages on your website, everyone can be assigned a Jira issue to tackle a part of the problem. Individual Jira issues mean you can also track the progress that individual team members are making and re-allocate resources accordingly to get the problem fixed faster.



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