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NEW: SEO Search Snippet Preview

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September 21, 2018

For SEO Advanced:

  • SEO Search Snippet Preview: Preview how your page title and meta description looks in Google search results.


Search Snippet Preview

Screenshot of Search Snippet Preview feature, showing input fields where users can enter their page URL, page title, and meta descriptionn to generate a simulated preview of how it will look in Google search results.

Your search snippet is the first thing that potential visitors see in search results, which means the content in it is a big factor in whether or not users decide to click on it. The new Search Snippet Preview (for SEO Advanced) helps you create the optimal search snippet by showing you how it could look in Google's pages.

In particular, it can be difficult to get the length of your page title and meta description just right: long enough to grab visitors' attention but not so long that it gets cut off by Google. The Snippet Preview automatically checks that your meta data is within the recommended length limits—and if they aren't, you can play with them and preview the adjustments you want to make before implementing them in your CMS.

The Search Snippet Preview also helps you manage keywords which should be included in your page title and meta description. Because it's connected to important keywords you've mapped in Content Optimization, it automatically flags when they don't appear as they should in the snippet you're working on. No need to leave the snippet preview to cross-reference keywords—a time-saver when you're updating search snippets for a lot of different pages.

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