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Visitor Data

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The Siteimprove platform includes a Visitor Data feature for customers subscribed to Analytics.

The Visitor Data feature allows Account Owners to search and download the data Siteimprove Analytics holds for a specific visitor to their website.

Account Owners can extract the analytics data requested by their website visitors from the main menu, Analytics settings -> Privacy -> Visitor data.

Data can be found using the visitor's IP address, cookie ID, and/or Session ID as the search criteria. (Note: If you have IP anonymization turned on you cannot search on IP address.)

It’s possible to preview a summary of the results and download the visitor data in JSON file format.

Click the "Download Visitor Data" button to download the JSON file.

Permission to perform this search is by default only granted to users with the role "Account Owner" or a customized role based on "Account Owner".

Read more on User Roles & Rights.

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