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NEW: Live Analytics

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Live Analytics

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Analytics can be difficult to understand if you don't work with it on a regular basis. Live Analytics helps make analytics data more intuitive with visual representations of real-time visitor activity.

While analytics data is meant to provide insights over longer periods of time, getting real-time data on visits, page views, and events happening on your website helps you gauge impact in a more immediate way. Just published a blog post or sent a tweet that included a campaign link? Live Analytics lets you see whether your content is getting hits as a result of those activities, whether new pages have gone live, and helps you catch trends as they emerge.

Dynamic visuals showing real-time impact

And it's easy to share the impact of those activities with others on your team—project the Activity Stream up on a screen in your office so everyone can see a live stream of what's happening on your website right now. 


Not only can you see what's happening, the live heat map lets you chart where on your page live visitor activity is taking place. Particularly if you're more visually inclined, it's a great way to hone in on the parts of your page getting the most visitor attention. Get everyone excited about analytics by bringing the numbers to life. 

Read more about Live Analytics in the Help Center.

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