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NEW: Redesigned Policy Library

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Redesigned Policy Library


How often do you use the Policy Library? If your answer is "not often" or "never", take a second look, because we've redesigned it to make it easier to use and navigate. The Policy Library contains ready-made policy templates that you can set up and customize to automatically detect "matches" that meet specific criteria. The Policy Library is chock full of templates that can help you ensure that your site meets organizational or industry standards. Now they're organized by themes so you can easily see which templates are most relevant for your purposes.

Policy templates recommended for your industry


To help you find useful policy templates, we've curated a list of suggested templates that are most relevant for your industry. And we're always updating that list to take into account new industry regulations or standards, so your recommendations will always be up-to-date.

Check out your recommended policy templates under Policy > Policy Library.

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