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NEW version of SSO, Top-ranking Pages by Keyword in SEO

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Nov. 14, 2018 

In this week's release:

  • New SSO configuration: Add Siteimprove to your SSO solution with a configuration that's more secure, and easier to set up and maintain.
  • Top-ranking Pages by Keyword: See the top 50 ranking pages on a specific keyword so you can scope out the competition.

SSO version 2

Screenshot of SSO configuration_page with Siteimprove's service provider details and a field to input your SSO provider metadata URL details.png

If your organization uses a Single Sign-On solution but haven't yet added Siteimprove to it, you'll be interested to hear that we've made it more secure and easier than before to link up your accounts.

A major step forward is that the new SSO now supports the SHA-256 (and above) signature algorithm (previously we only supported SHA-1). It's run on more stable infrastructure, meaning a more secure and easy-to-maintain SSO solution.

And to top it off, we've made it easier to set up the whole thing too:

  • Default attribute mapping and metadata URL setup so you don't have to do it manually (though those options are still available)
  • A signed certificate for extra security—and it automatically updates along with your identity provider details so you don't have to worry about expired certificates
  • Update your configuration without contacting Siteimprove Support
  • Test your configuration with a handful of users first before releasing to all users to ensure smooth rollout
  • Add users and configure their access before their first login
  • Login method options for Local Account users and SSO users are more transparent and easy to configure

Ready to access Siteimprove via the same login you use for all your other systems? Learn how to integrate access to Siteimprove via your SSO solution in the Help Center

Top-ranking Pages by Keyword (SEO Pro/Enterprise)

Screenshot of Organic Search Results feature showing table of top 50 ranking pages for a searched keyword, along with search volume and the date of search.png

Monitoring your rankings on keywords are an important part of SEO strategy, but that's only one side of it. It's equally important to keep tabs on competitors who are ranking on the same keywords as you do. The new Top-ranking Pages by Keywords feature shows you the top 50 ranking pages for a specific searched keyword, so you can scope out the competition and analyze what it is about those pages that keeps them at the top of the SERPs.

How does Top-ranking Pages by Keywords differ from Competitor Analysis?

Competitor Analysis in Activity Plans shows you whether specific competitors are ranking on specific monitored keywords, or all domains who compete with you for rankings across all monitored keywords. Hence you simultaneously get a micro-and macro- overview of your keyword competition. Top-ranking Pages by Keywords complements this by letting you check the top 50 competitors who rank on a specific keyword, giving you a fuller picture of the competition within a more narrowly defined scope. 

Using Top-ranking Pages by Keywords to plan your keyword strategy

That means you can use Top-ranking Pages by Keywords to help you plan strategically. Say you're really keen on boosting your rankings for a particular keyword. Use Top-ranking Pages by Keywords to do a more comprehensive competitor analysis of the top 50 ranking pages—learn what those pages have in common that gives them such high rankings. You can also use it to assess how feasible it would be to unseat the competition before you decide to add a keyword to an Activity Plan. If the top 50 ranking pages all have very high search engine authority, you might want to reconsider optimizing for alternate keywords instead (and that's where Keyword Suggestions comes in handy!)

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