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NEW: SEO insights in the CMS plugin and Competitor Settings

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Nov. 28, 2018

We've got a few updates for our SEO users this week: 

  • SEO insights in CMS plugin: Get all the insights of the SEO module in the CMS plugin, so you can make SEO improvements as you're creating and editing content. 
  • Competitor Settings (SEO Pro/Enterprise/Advanced): Edit, add, or delete competitors from Activity Plans on the Competitor Settings page. 

Get SEO insights as you work in your CMS

Screenshot of the SEO tab in the CMS plugin, a condensed view of a list of SEO issues on the current page, a search snippet preview of what the page looks like in search results, keywords which are being targeted by the current page, if any, and a list of meta-content that contains competing keywords, if any.

With the new SEO tab in the CMS plugin, you have quick access to the insights of the SEO module as you're editing and creating content in your CMS. The beauty of the Siteimprove CMS plugin is that you don't need to switch back and forth between your CMS and Siteimprove to learn where issues on the page are, or to fix content where issues have been identified.

Conveniently see whether your meta content is optimized for the keywords it's supposed to be targeting and update content straight away. And when you update page titles and meta descriptions, you'll see your changes reflected in the Search Snippet Preview, so you know exactly what they'll look like in search results before you hit publish.

Competitor Settings (SEO Pro/Enterprise/Advanced)

Screenshot of Competitor Settings feature, which shows a table of all the competitors you're monitoring in your Activity Plans. Each row expands to show a list of all the Activity Plans which a competitor is monitored in.

The new Competitor Settings page allows you manage all competitors that are currently being monitored in Activity Plans. Being able to administer all your competitors in one place makes it easier to see where you're doubling your monitoring efforts and to see which competitors could be added to more Activity Plans. Add, remove, edit, or delete competitors entirely (as long as you have edit access to the Activity Plans they're monitored in).

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