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How to add a recipient to a Response report

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Administrators and Account owners have the rights to manage Response reports recipients.

This article applies to daily, weekly and monthly Response report configuration. It does not address who should receive a checkpoint error alert. For that, see the article "Where can I add/edit alerts for my Checkpoints?".

Note: If the report recipient is not currently configured on the account as a user please follow the steps detailed in the article "How do I add a user?".

Follow the steps below to manage Response report recipients:

  • Click on Settings > Response from the left menu.


  • Select the checkpoint URL for which the user should receive the report.


  • Select the “Access & reports for users" tab.


  • From the list of users select Access and then the report frequency:
    • Daily report
    • Weekly report
    • Monthly report
  • When finished click "Update".  

If you have any questions regarding this please contact Siteimprove Technical Support with your request.

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