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Redesigned Spelling feature

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December 12, 2018

  • Redesigned Spelling: A new simplified workflow for determining which words are misspellings and more granular decision-making. 

The redesigned Spelling: a simpler way of managing misspellings

The new version of Spelling makes it simpler and more intuitive to work with misspellings on your sites. We've streamlined the main workflow so you can do everything you need on a single page, added features to help you prioritize which words to review, and built in more flexibility into the spelling decisions you make.

Simplified workflow 

Deciding whether a word is misspelled should be simple: either it is, or it isn't. Now that simplicity is reflected in the Spelling interface as well with clearly sorted misspellings and approved words. A new actionable "Needs Review" tab collects all the words that need further review all on the same page, while thumbs-up/thumbs-down inline buttons let you whiz through the list.

Screenshot of the Find Misspellings page, showing an intro component that explains the various statuses you can assign to a word. Below that is a table that shows words which have been marked as needing review. In two other tabs the user can see a list of word which have been marked as misspellings or which have been approved.

Prioritize words with the misspelling probability indicator

three dots in a table column called

So you've got limited time and 2350 words that need review—where do you start? The new misspelling probability indicator shows you which words are most likely to be actual misspellings, so you can focus on correcting words that would otherwise end up being embarrassing errors.

Granular decision-making: you control when a word is a misspelling, or not

A table with a dropdown list and two buttons next to it: one that allows to confirm a word as a misspelling and another to approve a word. A dropdown list allows you to select the scope of the decision being made, i.e. whether it applies to all sites on the account or just the current site.

Multiple sites, multiple administrators. Previously you couldn't mark a word as a misspelling or approved word without it being applied across all sites on the account—which could be frustrating if a word was approved in some contexts but not others. The new Spelling lets you make spelling decisions at different levels: for individual pages, sites, or all sites on the account, meaning you can mark words as misspelled or approved without worrying about it affecting the sites your fellow administrators are responsible for.

Upload approved words and misspellings in one go

Two radio button selections that allow the user to add a list of words as approved words or misspellings. Above the first set of radio buttons, it says

Decision-making might have gotten more granular, but the ability to upload pre-approved words or confirmed misspellings in bulk hasn't changed (apart from being more intuitive to navigate!) Use the "Add Words" feature to improve the accuracy of the spellcheck. The more words you approve or mark as misspelled, the fewer you'll need to manually review.  




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