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NEW: Top Keywords by Domain

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Happy new year! We're starting off the first release of the year with the focus on SEO Advanced: 

  • Top Keywords by Domain: Search for a domain to see what high search-volume keywords it ranks for.

Top Keywords by Domain (SEO Advanced)

Screenshot of Top Keywords by Domain feature, showing a search bar where the user can look up a domain and see which high search-volume keywords it ranks for. A dropdown filter next to the search bar allows users to select the country and search engine where these domains rank highly on keywords. A table beneath shows a list of domains that have previously been looked up.

Last year we released the Top-ranking Pages by Keyword feature for SEO Advanced (formerly SEO Pro/Enterprise) users, which helps you discover pages that are competing for the keywords you're interested in ranking on. To complement that, the new Top Keywords by Domain shows you the top keywords (by search volume) that a domain ranks on, so you can discover which keywords your competitors are coming out on top for in the search results.

If you're feeling up for a challenge, use it to optimize your pages for the keywords your competitors are ranking on. It's a great way of discovering new often-searched keywords and diverting traffic from your competitors to your own site. Or just use it to round out the keyword research you get from Activity Plans (which show you whether your competitors are ranking on the same keywords you're tracking). Add new keywords to your Activity Plans to compare rankings with your competitors, so you can start building them into your keyword strategy.


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