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Siteimprove URL shortener

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Siteimprove provide a URL shortener in the Campaigns feature of its Analytics platform. This allows you to shorten URLs, for use on newsletters or on social media campaigns.

The Siteimprove URL shortener provides the following advantages:

  • Make the most of limited space – A short URL helps you to work around character limits.
  • Keep your data safe - Unlike other free URL shorteners, Siteimprove never collects user data to pass on to third parties.
  • Stay organized - When you shorten URLs in Siteimprove, you have easy access to an overview of all your shortened URLs together.

Using the URL shortener

  1. Go to Main menu > Analytics > Campaigns > URL Shortener.
  2. Enter the URL you want to shorten in the input field provided. Note: Include "https://" or "http://" in the URL. Separate multiple URLs with a comma or line break.
  3. Click the “Shorten URL”.
  4. The Shortened URLs will be listed in a table at the bottom of the page.
  5. You can either “Copy” individual URL straight from the list or use the “Export” to create an Excel, PDF or HTML list of the URLs.


For further information on campaigns, see “How to monitor a campaign using Siteimprove?

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