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NEW: Starred Issues in Accessibility

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It can seem like a huge task to fix all the accessibility issues flagged in Siteimprove (you're not alone though! It's hard work, but your users will thank you for it). So we've added a small functionality to make it a little easier to sort out which issues you want to focus on: starred issues.

Screenshot of a tab header named - My Starred Issues

Add issues that you're interested in revisiting to a list of "My starred issues" so you can easily access them later. Just click the star next to any issue.

screenshot of a greyed-out star icon next to an issue that allows users to add issues to a separate list.png

Starred issues can only be seen by you, so you can curate your own issue lists according to your own priorities. You can even see how much progress has been made over time on just the issues you've starred by using the new filter functionality in the progress graph.

screenshot of a filter in the Accessibility progress graph that allows the user to filter the data shown in the graph by issues that have been starred by them.png

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