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NEW: Campaigns

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For all you marketers out there, we've got something exciting launching for you:

  • Campaigns: A newly revamped version of Siteimprove Campaigns that helps you track what drives traffic and conversions, build more consistent UTM links, and manage all your campaigns in one place.

Plan, monitor and analyze all your campaigns in one place

Screenshot of a page that shows a table of your top-performing campaigns and unmonitored campaigns. At the top, a help component explains to the user some of the various functionalities of the feature Campaigns.

Siteimprove Campaigns does away with the spreadsheet chaos and inconsistency. Build campaign links, keep track of UTM presets, compare campaign performance—the new Campaigns has got a slew of practical features that will make it easier to plan, monitor, and analyze your campaigns.

Build shareable, error-free UTM links

Screenshot of a modal box that allows the user to input a URL and select which preset parameters they want to tag it with. A dropdown also allows the user to tag their URL with groups of preset UTM parameters.

Building UTM links are the foundation of every digital marketing campaign. So hands up, every marketer who has ever tracked campaigns, UTM links, and UTM parameters in spreadsheets and DIDN'T find it cumbersome. No one? We figured. We're aiming to ease that process with the UTM Link Builder. It automatically enforces best-practice naming conventions when you're tagging URLs with UTM parameters. This ensures that you build error-free, consistent UTM links, every time.

Save presets, save time

Screenshot of a table titled Source/medium groups. In the table the user can see groups of source and medium parameters that are often used together in UTM links.

If you have UTM preset parameters and groups of presets that you often use in campaign links, these can be saved in a preset library. Tag URLs with a preset group and in two clicks you've got a full set of UTM links, ready to start tracking all the visitors who land on your website.

Short, sweet and shareable URLs

Screenshot of an input field where the user can enter a URL for it to be shortened. The title above the field reads URL Shortener. A line of text above the input field tells the user that Siteimprove will not collect any data from their URLs when they use the URL shortener.

Real estate is valuable when it comes to characters in your URL. Visitors are less likely to click on long. messy links, and UTM links are some of the biggest culprits. While there are lots of URL shorteners out there, the URL Shortener we've provided in Campaigns never collects any data from your URLs.

Monitor campaign metrics that match your business objectives

Screenshot of three line graphs. The first depicts the change in the number of Key Metric completions over the duration of the campaign. The second shows the change in conversion rate. The third one shows the change in performance.

Once you've added your UTM links and started monitoring your campaign, you can get data on how much of your traffic is translating into conversions and visitor engagement. Campaigns links up with your Key Metrics to give you meaningful insights into the actions that matter most for your business's bottom line. Combine this with a breakdown of the sources and mediums your visitor traffic is coming from, and you'll get a pretty good idea of the channels that are bringing the biggest boost to your conversion rate.

Go even further by comparing the performance of multiple campaigns to see which ones are performing well and which ones are unprofitable. This will help you make data-backed decisions on where to allocate your marketing budget and resources in the future. Need to convince management? All data can be exported for easy reporting.

Take the uncertainty out of campaign planning and tracking

Get an overview of all your digital marketing initiatives

Campaign Calendar Screenshot

The Campaigns Calendar plots out past, current, and future campaigns to show you how many campaigns you're running at any given time. Space out your campaign activity to avoid planning too much at once and overwhelming your target audience.

Round up stray campaign links

Screenshot of two menu options that allow the user to filter UTM links by all links which are not currently monitored in a campaign, and most-visited unmonitored links from the last 7 days. The title above the filters indicates that the user is looking at a table of UTM links not monitored in a campaign.

Are you running so many campaigns that you're not even sure how many UTM links have been created for them? We identify any UTM links that may belong in one of your monitored campaigns. Every UTM link could potentially be bringing in a goldmine of visitor traffic. The data those links track are just as valuable—and you'll never have to worry again about not tracking them under the right campaign.






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