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In this section you can find our newest release notes, which provide details on new features added to the Siteimprove toolset.

NEW: Campaigns

NEW: Top Keywords by Domain

Redesigned Spelling feature

NEW: SEO insights in the CMS plugin and Competitor Settings

NEW version of SSO, Top-ranking Pages by Keyword in SEO

NEW: Redesigned Policy Library

NEW: Live Analytics

NEW: Visitor data retrieval and Power BI, Klipfolio, and SeoToolsForExcel business integrations

NEW: SEO Search Snippet Preview

Jira Connector for SEO, Policy Matches and specific pages with Accessibility Issues

Backlinks in SEO Advanced

Widget Library

Tracked Search Terms and User Actions Log

NEW: Cookies tracker in Data Privacy - May 8, 2018

NEW: SEO Advanced, upgraded SEO Page Report - April 18, 2018

NEW: Siteimprove 360 Integrations - CMS plugin upgrade, Tableau Connector & Browser extension

NEW: Customizable dashboards and Universal Search (GDPR) - April 5, 2018

NEW HTTP status filter in Broken Links in QA - 27.Feb, 2018

NEW: Improved Page Reports and Policy progress graphs - 1.Feb, 2018

NEW: Traffic Sources filter, QA Score in My Sites and Groups, Updated Policy titles - Jan.25, 2018