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In this section you can find answers to common questions relating to Quality Assurance.

What is a Referring page in Quality Assurance (QA)?

How does confirming or dismissing a broken link impact my DCI Score?

What is the difference between “0” and “?” under Page views in a Page table?

How to manage broken links – Confirm, Review, Dismiss

Why are some PDFs not being checked by Siteimprove?

Readability: Why does Siteimprove say that there is limited content on a page?

Readability: Why does the number of words in the Siteimprove platform differ from the number in the Page Report?

How do I work with the Siteimprove QA email report?

How does Siteimprove calculate the Word count for a page?

What is the Siteimprove Browser Extension?

What media file types are included in QA Inventory?

What is the difference between "clicks on broken links" and "clicks on links"?

What is the Quality Assurance (QA) Score?

How do I disable Classic QA reports?

How to delete Exclusions and Aliases from your site

How do I edit Readability settings for my site?

Readability: All you need to know

How do I locate and correct a misspelling?

In which countries can Siteimprove identify phone numbers?

Readability: Why do some of my pages have no readability score?

Can Siteimprove spellcheck Chinese, Japanese and other languages that use syllabic writing systems?

How do I fix a broken link?

What languages ​​are available for spell checking?

Why can't I find the link Siteimprove is referencing?

Readability: Why are my scores falling out of the scorecard range?

Readability: Why is the readability score different from other tests I have run using the same scale?

Readability: Why are URLs highlighted as long words/polysyllabic words?

Readability: How does Siteimprove identify content on my page?

Readability: Why are long words in the website boilerplate highlighted on the page report?

Readability: Why should I be focused on online readability?