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Here you can find answers to common questions relating to general aspects of Siteimprove's services

The Firstimprover Program

What is the industry benchmark?

What is the Digital Certainty Index™ (DCI™)?

Why has my score changed even though I have not made changes to my site?

How do I create a HAR file?

Siteimprove Priority FAQ

Discontinuing support for deprecated TLS encryption protocols

What information does Siteimprove provide in relation to documents?

What is the difference between "Group access only" and "Restricted group access"?

What is a Site ID, Group ID, and Page ID?

How to delete a user from the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform

How does Siteimprove use sitemaps?

What languages is the Siteimprove platform available in?

How do I add a user?

What widget types are available for a customized dashboard?

What can I do if I’m over my Siteimprove page limit?

What widgets can I have on my dashboard?

What does it mean to share a dashboard template?

Siteimprove Dashboards

How do I switch between Siteimprove accounts?

What actions require assistance from Siteimprove Technical Support?

Why is my website crawl taking a long time?

How to delete a site

Settings: IP Address Anonymization and Do Not Track

How do I edit the URL for a site being checked by Siteimprove?

How is the DCI™ Score calculated when SEO or Accessibility modules are not enabled?

How do I contact Siteimprove?

Why is my dashboard widget not showing any data?

Why don't I receive emails from Siteimprove?

Why is there a difference between the page numbers shown in analytics and the content suite?