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Here you can find answers to common questions relating to general aspects of Siteimprove's services

What is the industry benchmark?

What is the Digital Certainty Index® (DCI®)?

Siteimprove Incident Response Policy and Criticality Matrix

Clearing HSTS settings to fix a "Too many redirects" Page report error

How are the colors in the DCI score determined?

How do I create a group using the Siteimprove sitemap?

How do I clear my browser data and cookies?

How do I create a group based on a URL/title match?

How do I create a group based on an HTML content match (e.g. capture tags)?

How do I edit user access to Sites and Groups in Siteimprove?

Page tags FAQ

How do I add a site to my Siteimprove subscription?

Siteimprove support and system availability

Tips when requesting help from technical support

How do I reset my Siteimprove password?

Why has my score changed even though I have not made changes to my site?

How do I create a HAR file?

Siteimprove Priority FAQ

The Firstimprover Program

Discontinuing support for deprecated TLS encryption protocols

What information does Siteimprove provide in relation to documents?

How do I allow Siteimprove to access my site when using Incapsula/Imperva CDN?

How to find a Site ID, Group ID, Page ID and Filter ID

How to delete a user from the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform

How does Siteimprove use sitemaps?

What languages is the Siteimprove platform available in?

How do I add a user?

What widget types are available for a customized dashboard?

What can I do if I’m over my Siteimprove page limit?

What widgets can I have on my dashboard?