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In this section you can find answers to common questions relating to Analytics

How to exclude Siteimprove traffic from Analytics

Siteimprove Live Analytics

Visitor Data

Behavior Tracking Terminology

What are my options when unwanted domains show up in my Analytics statistics?

What does "visit ended" mean in Siteimprove Analytics?

Analytics: Why is there no "Time on page" data available?

Feedback: How to delete a comment

Analytics: How to filter data by organizations

Siteimprove Analytics: Custom Visit Tracking

How can Siteimprove Analytics help me analyze social media statistics?

Behavior Tracking: Why is there a discrepancy in visits between the Referrers and Focus page?

Why don't I see any Returning visitors in Siteimprove Analytics?

Why are Internal Search results not shown when I choose a group in Siteimprove Analytics?

Funnels: How often is data updated?

Funnels: Terminology

How Funnels differ from User Journeys, Behavior Tracking, and Behavior Maps

What are Funnels?

How to create an IP group for filtering in Analytics

IP Anonymization in Siteimprove Analytics

Definition of Devices in Analytics

Segmentation Map

Add Siteimprove Event Tracking in Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Key Metrics: Getting started with Key Metrics and KPIs

Key Metrics: What is the difference between a Key Metric and a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)?

Adding Siteimprove Analytics JavaScript to your website

How do I know that the Analytics JavaScript is on all of my pages?

What do the different metrics (visits, page views, unique visitors, etc.) mean in Analytics?

Key Metrics: What is a good Key Performance Indicator (KPI)?

What does Internal Search track?