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In this section you can find answers to common questions relating to Analytics

Key Metrics: Getting started with Key Metrics and KPIs

Key Metrics: What is the difference between a Key Metric and a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)?

Adding Siteimprove Analytics JavaScript to your website

How do I know that the Analytics JavaScript is on all of my pages?

What do the different metrics (visits, page views, unique visitors, etc.) mean in Analytics?

Key Metrics: What is a good Key Performance Indicator (KPI)?

What does Internal Search track?

Why am I getting the error "We have no screenshot for the selected period" in Behavior Map?

How to spot spam in Analytics and what to do about it

Behavior Map: How often are screenshots taken and how long are they stored in Analytics?

Why do the Click Map figures not align with other Analytics statistics in some cases?

Why is the screenshot not being taken for a specific page in Behavior Map?

How are Traffic Sources defined in Analytics?

How to create a Feedback survey in Analytics

Do PDFs show up in "Pages without visits" in Analytics?

How to add a page to Behavior Map

Analytics: How to enable Behavior Map

Behavior Map terminology

Scroll Map

Click Map

Heat Map

What is a Behavior Map?

Why are my overall visits and my visits from traffic sources (external, direct traffic, search engines) not the same number?

How does the "Pages Without Visits" Feature in Analytics Work?

Why am I getting few or no results in Internal Search?

What are User Journeys?

What are the "+" and "-" Numbers under the Totals in the Analytics Summary?

What does Bounce Rate mean?

How to set up an IP Filter

Parameters and their tracking options in analytics