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Answers to common questions relating to Accessibility in the Siteimprove platform.

Accessibility: Image Alt text best practices

Why is my site getting flagged for "Language of page has not been set"?

Accessibility Decisions FAQ

Are images such as 'breadcrumb' or 'PDF' icons considered decorative?

Levels A, AA, AAA errors in Siteimprove Accessibility explained

Accessibility Score Points Weighting

Siteimprove HTML and CSS Validation

How can I check that an accessibility fix made on my website works with a screen reader?

Why is the number of Accessibility issues shown on the Page Report different than the number shown in the Accessibility module?

FAQ on WCAG 2.1 - The new standard for Accessibility

Categorization of accessibility issues

How skip links can help with website accessibility

Why does Siteimprove flag aria-hidden?

Accessibility: Bold vs. Strong and Italic vs. Emphasis

Siteimprove Accessibility Checker - Browser Extension

What is the Accessibility Score?

Does Siteimprove check color contrast in Accessibility?

Tutorials to Get Started with Accessibility

Accessibility: Does Siteimprove check for captioning on videos and other multimedia?

How can I get help with digital accessibility compliance, including manual testing and remediation in the US?

Why do the number of issues fluctuate within the Accessibility module?

What is WCAG?

The importance of Alt Tags

The importance of Headings

What are Keyboard Traps?

Can I have a certification badge for my website?

Can I track screen reader usage with Siteimprove?

Can I use Layout Tables and still have an accessible site?

Making Modals more accessible with WAI-ARIA

OCR Complaints: Siteimprove’s Philosophy